Creative Scotland Open Project Funding

Creative Scotland

This fund supports the arts, screen and creative industries, with projects that help them explore, realise and develop their creative potential, widen access to their work, and enrich Scotland’s reputation as a distinctive creative nation connected to the world.

Creative Scotland wants to encourage applicants to generate great ideas and projects that they can then help them to make happen.

These ideas can cover a broad spectrum of activity, and Open Project Funding will support: 

  • Projects that develop skills or artistic practice
  • Projects that create something new and of high quality
  • Projects which either present work to audiences, or which try to develop and reach new audiences (including those hard to reach)
  • Projects which encourage more people to get involved in artistic and creative activity.

Support will be available for activity and projects of different size and scale – and for up to 2 years in duration.

Address: Creative Scotland, Waverley Gate, 2 - 4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG

Telephone: 0345 603 6000

Email: [email protected]