Park Lane Group Young Artists Concerts

Park Lane Group

A series of concerts is given in the Purcell Room, London during the first or second week in January each year. Gifted young artists are presented in programmes which are made up from a wide range of contemporary and 20th century music. A number of commissions and other new works are usually included. Some of the performing artists will be considered for PLG concerts in London and in major festivals in subsequent seasons. The closing date is February and auditions are held in February, March and April. Auditionees are expected to bring at least two works, one from the standard repertoire, and the other 20th century or contemporary. Applicants must be under the age of 29.

Address: 122-124 Temple Chambers, 3-7 Temple Avenue, London, EC4Y 0DA

Telephone: 020 7255 1025

Email: [email protected]