Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2018

Genre: Alternative

Location: London


For Cassels, music is about authenticity. Together they embody the spirit of punk, even if their sound stretches the boundaries of any genre. It is rare to find a band who sound only like themselves, especially one with just two instruments, but Cassels are just that. 

The work of two brothers - Loz and Jim Beck - the two have been playing music together since long before their voices broke, and all that practice has paid off. Direct and considered lyrically, musically challenging and in possession of an originality you could never force, their noisy, edgy and sometimes deliberately jarring sound balances apathy with anger, and through it channels a generational voice. Cassels are antagonistic and brash, but more importantly, they challenge the norm.

’…a cathartic, adrenal shock to the system’ - NME

’Brutally poignant, entirely unembellished and painfully honest… Cassels deliver exceptional DIY punk with something real about them’ - Kerrang!

’…impressive, punk-tinged magic.’ - DIY

’…devastatingly direct, utterly unforgiving… brutally confrontational and powerful beyond words.’ - Upset

’…well ahead of their years’ Punktastic

’A honey pot of chaotic destruction, melodic mess and sweet smelling excitement.’ - Gigslutz