Constant Follower

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Folk

Location: Scotland


‘Soaring ambient dream pop experimental folk music from Scotland.’

What started as a tongue in cheek response to queries of their musical style, has become the band’s go-to self-description. Constant Follower (a euphemism for those things we carry through life) undoubtedly confound easy comparison. At once modern yet seeming to have existed forever, bandleader Stephen McAll’s songs have a powerful cinematic feel; expansive and immersive, yet delicate and intimate, they engage with matters which connect us all. The songs on his debut album as Constant Follower, ‘Neither is, nor ever was’, were borne from change. Following a confrontation with a gang in his late teens, McAll woke in hospital partially paralysed with a catastrophic head injury. All memories from his childhood gone. It took a decade, much of the time spent at a friend’s cabin on Scotland’s West Coast, before he was able to resume songwriting and relearn to play guitar. In creating the songs for ‘Neither is, nor ever was’, McAll conjured fragments of his lost memories, which endured as the faintest feelings and intangible sensations, and pieced them together against the backdrop of his childhood imagined. ‘neither is, nor ever was’ is a work of forgetting, and remembering.

Constant Follower’s debut single from the album, Set Aside Some Time was released on the 23rd of July 2020.

Support from Help Musicians' Do It Differently Fund will allow Constant Follower’s debut album, ‘Neither is, nor ever was’, to be finalised ready for release and to offer the music to the ears of wider audience. The majority of the funding will pay for Mastering costs, finalising the album to a professional standard, with contribution towards the cost of promoting the release. The funding will assist the album to reach a far wider audience than it may have done otherwise, increasing the band’s listenership and establishing a stronger base from which future releases can be launched. An essential component of the Do It Differently fund is the professional mentoring which will provide the band with tools to manage the release of their debut album more effectively.