Cristina Hart

Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2020

Genre: Pop

Instrument/voice type: Songwriter

Location: London


The Swiss-born, Spanish and Brazilian, London-based artist Cristina Hart is bringing a much needed fresh perspective to the world of pop music. With the range of Halsey, the candour of Ariana, and the independent savvy of Lauv, it won’t be long before Cristina transcends her well-entrenched Sofar Sounds circuit. Her debut EP 'Sell a Dream', which was recorded independently between Cristina’s bedroom and her boyfriend’s studio, proves that she is a talent in her own lane and is set for release in autumn 2020.
Back in 2016, while still living in Switzerland, Cristina released her first collaboration, ‘Fell In Love With You’, which quickly amassed three million streams on Spotify. Her 2019 collaborations with Psycho Modern and Talk Slow were supported by BBC Introducing Lincolnshire and BBC 6 Music.
She cites Maisie Peters, Orla Gartland and Alec Benjamin as songwriting influences, alongside her idols Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Alessia Cara. The bubbling pop artist is ready to follow in their footsteps - creating a space where imperfections are celebrated and infectious melodies reign.
Thanks to Help Musicians, I will be able to promote my debut EP and its singles with a budget I would have otherwise not had due to COVID-19. The fund will also enable me to remotely produce and record two new singles, which will follow my debut EP. This means that Help Musicians are not only helping me record new material, but also enabling me to give the material I already have the best possible chance at succeeding.
I will be attending the ‘Publishing & IP’ and ‘Fan Engagement Strategy’ courses as I feel that both of these are extremely valuable areas to know about. I chose the first one as it can be an excellent revenue stream and provide more financial independence for artists in the long-run. As for the second one, fans are the drivers of what makes a song successful or not and having engaged fans that believe in you and love your music is the number one thing to have a sustainable and viable career in music.