Dan Shake

Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2021

Genre: Electronic

Instrument/voice type: Digital Audio Workstation

Location: London

Website: danshake.com

If you’re going to pick a name like Dan Shake, you better have the goods to back it up. With a never-ending tour schedule and his own productions in the record bags of countless established DJ heroes, Shake lives up to his billing. His love of groove – ranging from sparky acid to Brazilian samba, itchy funk to heavyweight house – fuels his drive to make those around him dance as keenly as he does. At a party, Dan Shake isn’t just loaded with peak time weapons: he is one.

Shake (Daniel Rose-Weir) began his notoriety with the Mahogani Music released 3AM Jazz Club / Thinkin’ in 2014, using Moodymann’s seal of approval as a springboard for his ambitions. Even as dancefloor-igniting releases piled up year on year, such as the Ibiza-smashing Claudia’s Trip, or any number of Shake Tapes white label edits, Shake’s expertise as a DJ began to match his production chops. This makes for two combined sides what Dan Shake represents: an explosion of colour, variety and flavour, no matter whether he’s jamming on a rotary in the booth, or juicing fresh joy from old samples in the studio.

Basements, lofts, tents, festival stages with the production dialled up to 11 – all are welcome opportunities to let loose. But as his sound has evolved and his reputation as a killer DJ has grown, Shake’s love of connecting to the dancers in front of him has remained, well, unshakable. Weekend by weekend, city by city, once he hits a peak of energy, he’s going to stay there and the end result is going to keep you moving without let up. It all goes to show: a Shake is for life, not just for summer.
With the lack of touring this past year, I've found more time on my hands, as a result, more time to focus on my music production. I've found my music steering away from traditional 'dancefloor' genres and leaning towards elements of jazz, experimental, neo-soul and trip-hop, whilst retaining the influences of Detroit and Chicago that have always supported my work. Rather than featuring 'big names' to sell an album, I'd like it to be as personal as possible, featuring a variety of session musicians and vocalists who have grown up around me, or artists who have impacted me along my career (such as Moodymann). Luke Solomon, the A&R of Defected’s Classic Music Company has agreed to co- produce the album. He is someone whose work and musical knowledge I've admired for a long time.

He has made records with artists including Honey Dijon and The Blessed Madonna. Working with him will add a completely new degree of experience and expertise to my creativity. The majority of the album will be recorded at Devon Analogue Studio. Its hybrid installation blends the best of mastering grade analogue/digital technology and vintage instruments. It is highly regarded amongst electronic artists within the scene. Aside from writing the album, Dan Medhurst (a renowned music photographer) has agreed to develop the visual side of the album: artwork, music videos and a collaborative insert based on the creation process.