Danielle Fiamanya

Award: Fleming Award

Year: 2018

Genre: Musical Theatre

Instrument/voice type: Voice

Location: Scotland

Website: https://twitter.com/Fia_Dan

From a young age, growing up in Scotland, I began my journey towards a performance career with attending multiple dance and acting schools that kept my hobby for theatre burning. As I grew older this became more than just a hobby and by the age of 12 I realised that I wanted this to become my life career. 

I attended the Glasgow Academy of Musical Theatre and Arts until 16 where I gathered a lot of the skills I needed to attend a London drama school. I was honoured to be accepted to the Guildford School of Acting after completing secondary school in Scotland and by age 17 I found myself living away from home, and privileged enough to be training at one of the top drama schools in the UK.

As I enter my final year of training my credits include recently playing Vera Simpson in my first public production at GSA, and I have also been involved in “Prom Queen”, a workshop directed by Paul Taylor-Mills at the Other Palace. Moreover, I am so excited to be playing Violet in my first 3rd year show in 9 to 5. I feel incredibly nourished and blessed by these opportunities that I know will form the approach to my future career.

Overall, I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities GSA has offered me, the time and nurturing dedicated to me by my tutors, and finally I would like to thank my parents for their constant support throughout my journey.