Donal Sarsfield

Award: Career Development Bursary

Year: 2016

Genre: Classical

Instrument/voice type: Composer

Location: N/A


As a composer I primarily record, transform and organise sound. The fulcrum of my compositional practice is my approach to sound, and it is my belief that our sonic environment is shaped as much by non-musical factors as the work of composers and musicians. In all my recent work I am interested in stimulating a perceptual link between the listener, the work and the world in which we live. I studied music with cultural studies at Queen's University Belfast & attended MusM & PhD in Electroacoustic Composition at the University of Manchester, supported by the Elizabeth Maconchy Composition Fellowship. My piece Gallivanting (The Suitcases Piece) was awarded joint first prize at the Concourse International de Musique Bruitiste Luigi Russolo in 2011.