Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2018

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Instrument/voice type: Various

Location: East


Graceland are four sisters from the East.

They are confident wielders who make thoughtful and angry pop music that is heavy with riffs but punchy and danceable.

Live, they are an impressive force, with a gang-like mentality which leaves no one on the fence.

Graceland have gathered their strength from these artists and the strong independent women around them to form an unapologetic, unique and addictive musical bond.

When they are writing in Norfolk they often think of Sebald and the history of the women who took the measure of the stars.

Graceland have had love from Radio 1, Radio X, Amazing Radio, BBC Norfolk Introducing, BBC 6 Music, Rob da Bank, Tom Robinson, Amy Lamé, Gemma Cairney and more...

Graceland are Rosie Arnold on guitar, organ and vocals, Ellie Jones on guitar and vocals, Maxie Gedge on drums and Stevie Gedge on bass.