Joseph Peach

Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Folk

Instrument/voice type: Piano

Location: Scotland


I'm a freelancer, working mainly in folk music.
My delight in Scottish music stems from my earliest musical experiences- contact with people deeply connected to their tradition in every sense: the language, people, music and landscape of my home town of Achiltibuie. From family members, neighbours and friends I learned the Highland bagpipes and accordion by ear, and built a strong affinity with this music and culture. Later years brought a new passion: The piano, my imagination truly captured by the seemingly limitless number of possibilities this instrument offered.
The piano has been a bridge to wider worlds of music; classical, jazz and electronica, which increasingly inform my work.
Help Musicians' have generously awarded me support to attend one of Kath Burlison's Authentic Artist workshops.
By attending, I'm hoping to interrogate my current practice, and explore new approaches to creating and collaborating.