Me and My Friends

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: World

Location: South West


Me and My Friends play soulful, poignant music with a beat, subtly incorporating vintage highlife and afrobeat grooves into elegant folk songwriting. The UK-based quintet create a timeless sound with a global outlook, performed with an infectious energy, and the result is instantly recognisable, highly original and truly genre-defying.

The elegant voice and West African finger-picking guitar style of songwriter Nick Rasle is cradled by stunning vocal harmonies and the evocative combination of cello and clarinet, all underpinned by a rhythm section with a deep sense of groove. This is sun-drenched, euphoric music for both brain and booty.
We are extremely excited to be embarking on our next album, with support for the production process coming from Help Musicians.