Murdo Mitchell

Award: Develop Your Skills (Transmission)

Year: 2020

Genre: Alternative

Instrument/voice type: Songwriter

Location: Scotland


Murdo Mitchell is a skilled acoustic guitarist and vocalist, passionate and experienced Scottish musician with several years of experience in songwriting & performing. With his unique voice and ethereal yet upbeat self penned music, he has been adding to his fan base which he can proudly say includes 60’s Star “Donovan”. This ‘Hurdy Gurdy’ man said of Murdo “...he has what I had at his age, the hunger to communicate”.

With support from the Transmission fund I will aim to blend 2 normally heavily contrasting styles of music Urban & Acoustic to create an instantly recognisable genuine musical identity, through 4 master classes with 2 top songwriters and producers. This will result in a huge leap in my production ability and a finished - completely original - body of work that I can use to further my career as a songwriter.