Space F!ght

Award: Career Development Bursary

Year: 2016

Genre: Electronic

Instrument/voice type: Audio-Visual

Location: London


Space F!ght is audiovisual experience founded by Radek Rudnicki. Shows and installations explore the interaction between live instrumentation, electronica and immersive, 3D visuals with video mapping. 

Space F!ght works as collective of musicians and visual artists and consists of the following members:

Radek Rudnicki - electronics
Jakub Hader - visualisations
James Mainwaring - sax
Tom Adams - guitar 
Anna Edgington - voice 
Enrico Bertelli - percussion 
Matt Postle - trumpet 

Space F!ght announced Ambassadors of Northern Jazz Scene in UK (2013/14), received Emerging Excellence Award (2014), were selected for Sound and Music Touring Program (2013). Performed at Mira Festival Barcelona 2014, Gateshead International Jazz Festival (2014), sound design at Media Art WRO Brienalle, Poland (2013), Kernel Festival 2012 (Italy), Culturenight 2011 CFCP (Dublin), Wschod Kultury 2013 (Poland), and recently toured New Zealand. This year were Invited for artist residency at EMS Stockholm, where they are producing their new album.