It is important that performers and composers understand their rights as creators and take steps to protect any work they create.

Creative Choices offer a practical guide to protecting your copyright. Jazz UK published a comprehensive downloadable guide to the issues (now hosted on Chris Hodgkins' website). For detailed information not specific to music, you can visit the Government’s Intellectual Property Office or Gov.UK. The Music Publishers Association has a helpful set of Frequently Asked Questions about music publishing and copyright.

If you are a songwriter or composer in the UK, joining PRS for Music will ensure you receive any royalties you are entitled to when people play, perform or distribute your music. PRS for Music is a society of songwriters, composers and music publishers and collects royalties on behalf of its members by licensing organisations to play, perform or otherwise make available copyright music. PRS for Music charge a one-off registration fee to cover administration costs.

PPL licenses the use of recorded music played in public or broadcast on radio, TV and on the internet. If you are a performer who has recorded your own or someone else’s music, becoming a member of PPL will ensure you receive the royalties you are entitled to. There is no registration fee.

We recommend that musicians who are both performers and composers/songwriters join both PRS for Music and PPL.

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