Promoting yourself

In an increasingly noisy industry, many musicians have to work harder to be heard, and are finding innovative ways to market and promote their work. To help artists, there are a number of very useful resources out there on topics such as building websites, why mailing lists are useful, developing electronic press kits (EPKs) and tips on how to get your music selling.

Promotion, Marketing and PR

Many of these advice resources are free and if you are looking to market yourself or your band online, Creative Choices might be the place to start. Music Ally and Digital Music News are also useful if you want to keep an eye on digital music trends.

Jazz UK published some comprehensive guides including a Guide to marketing your band.

The Musicians Guide provides paid-for resources (as well as an informative blog). Fresh On the Net is another useful blog and has a very good tips section for musicians. BBC Introducing also have a useful page on getting noticed.


Websites are a vital aspect of your online promotion as an artist and your website can be created relatively cheaply, if not for free. A few good website builders include Wordpress, Wix, and Moonfruit – there are many to choose from. It may be useful to look at the platforms other musicians are using to see if there is one that suits your needs.

Social Media

Social media is becoming increasingly important to artists with Facebook and Twitter providing platforms for you to engage directly with your fans. CD Baby has a number of free downloadable guides such as The Ultimate Youtube Guide for Musicians, Complete Guide to Selling more Music with Facebook, Twitter For Musicians and many others, helping you make the most of social media.

Mailing Lists

In addition to social media, your mailing list is one of your biggest tools for communicating with your fans directly. Indieguide describe themselves as ‘your complete do-it-yourself musicians resource’ and have loads of information on topics such as mailing lists and how to send out newsletters to your fan base. provides mailing list management for musicians and bands and is also a hugely useful resource providing video tutorials on Logic, Pro Tools, Sibelius and more.

Share your music

In addition to social media, there are some other places to share your music online. Soundcloud is one of the most popular and ampmusicmarketing have an interesting page on the top online platforms you can use to share your music, as well as a useful Beginner’s Guide. CD Baby also help you sell your music on iTunes, Facebook and Amazon.

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