Thrive: Mental Wellbeing

Thrive banner June 2021

We are pleased to be working with Music Support to offer those who work in the music industry one year’s free subscription to the Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app, providing 24/7 support for your mental health.  

Thrive is NHS-approved with over 100 hours of content and tools to help with the prevention, detection and management of mental health issues. It can be beneficial to those in immediate distress but can also be used as a preventative tool to help you to look after your mental health on a daily basis. 

Supportive activities include 

Live Coaching 

This is a confidential text message service operating between 8am – 8pm that connects you to a coach within 10 minutes. The coaches are a team of qualified psychologists who can help you with any concerns you have. They can advise you on managing stress, how to start a conversation around mental health or clinical advice around accessing support. 

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) 

CBT is at Thrive’s core and helps you to manage your problems by giving you the tools to understand the connection between thoughts and behaviours. There are 26 sessions, all lasting between 2-7 mins, making them easy to fit into everyday life. 

Calm Breathing 

This is a powerful tool that can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Take as little as three minutes to sit back and relax, guided through the process until you are comfortable enough to do it yourself. 

Deep Muscle Relaxation (DMR) 

DMR is a body-based exercise to help ease tension in the muscles, often associated with stress and anxiety, with the added benefit of setting you up for a good night’s sleep. 


Thrive includes a variety of meditation techniques that bring you back to the present and train your attention. 

“I am finding the meditation exercises useful and enjoy….learning about how my thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical reaction to a situation are all different and interlinked.” 

1. Download the Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app from the Apple or Android store 
2. Sign-up using your email address, a password of your choice and the free access code HELPMUSICIANS20 then follow the steps to confirm your account. 

Thrive free access code HELPMUSICIANS20