12 Ensemble on their debut album and crowdfunding
12 ensemble
Emerging Excellence Award Artist
20th April 2015
12 Ensemble on their debut album and crowdfunding

 At 12 ensemble HQ we have been planning the recording of our debut album for the past year and are so excited to see the final stages come to fruition. Our objective was to create an album that celebrates 20th and 21st century British music for string orchestra. 

Our first success towards this project came in March 2014 when we won an Emerging Excellence Award from Help Musicians UK. The main work on the album is William Walton’s Sonata for Strings, an epic expansion of his String Quartet in A minor. In July 2014 we were invited to spend a week in Ischia, Italy to live, rehearse and perform in La Mortella, the house and gardens William and his wife resided in. It was a beautiful, unforgettable trip for us all, and a chance to immerse ourselves in rehearsing and                                                                             performing Walton’s music.

12 E

To help record our project, we also launched an online crowdfunding campaign. 

It can be a slightly daunting process to launch a crowdfunding project as, alongside donations from friends and family, you are mainly relying on strangers to like and believe in your project enough to back it! For anyone thinking of crowdfunding a project, the website Music Tank hosts an online interactive, PDF ebook called Easy Money? The Definitive UK Guide To Funding Music Projects by Remi Harris which contains a helpful chapter dedicated to crowdfunding.

We used the well-known website Kickstarter as the platform to launch our 30 day fundraising campaign and, with an array of goodies to give out for each pledge, including pre-orders of the album, reached our target.

Our crowd-funding tips would be:

1.   Make sure you show what is unique about your project. Tell people the story behind your project and share any progress you’ve made so far.

2.   It’s good to be ambitious but be realistic with your target goal. Most crowdfunding websites have an all or nothing approach - if your project doesn’t meet its goal in the time limit, you don’t receive any of the money pledged.

3.  Take time to think of both fun and practical goodies to give in return for pledges. It’s so important to give back something to supporters. The great thing about crowdfunding is that it does more than raise money. It builds community around your work.

For more details about us, our recording project and future events, take a look at our website: