Writing a biography in your application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021
Writing a biography in your application

Your biography is your moment to shout about your music and career so far. In order to assess what you’ve achieved, we’ll want to know about your background. This isn’t just a straight copy & paste of your press release; write it in first person, be as clear as possible and remember, the more examples you can give us the better! 

What should I include?

Areas to consider telling us about are:

  • Career highlights - What are you most proud of?
  • Performances - Where have you performed? Has your music been played somewhere significant?
  • Collaborations - Who have you worked with?

Details to consider telling us about are:

  • Tours
  • Festivals
  • Showcases
  • Commissions
  • Recent reviews
  • Qualifications
  • Your success so far
  • Why is this project crucial now?

If you are applying for Postgraduate, Ian Fleming Musical Theatre or Sybil Tutton Opera support, you should consider including the following:

  • Where have you studied and who with?
  • Have you taken part in any competitions?
  • Have you attended any masterclasses?
  • What repertoire have you performed or worked on?
  • Who have you collaborated with?
  • Have you performed with any ensembles/ chamber groups/ bands/ orchestras?
  • What opportunities have you embraced so far throughout your studies?
  • What opportunities have you embraced outside of education?

You should detail your key achievements and let us know whether you are already earning an income through music related activity such as teaching, performing or community music work.

Top tip:

Alongside your career highlights and notable achievements, you should elaborate on the ways in which you’ve been self-sufficient (for example self-managing, self-releasing or self-producing) and how this has benefitted your career to date. Has this approach given you more creative control? Has it allowed you to retain ownership of certain rights or revenue stream? This section has a 500-word limit, you should use this as a guide as to how much you should write in this section.