A personal account of Volunteering for HMUK
Cherish Mengel
Volunteer for Help Musicians UK
31st May 2017
A personal account of Volunteering for HMUK

When you’re an unemployed full-time postgraduate student you often find yourself with an excessive amount of ‘free-time’ on your hands. Of course, if you’re like me, you go a little stir-crazy sitting at home watching Netflix outside of doing coursework and attending modules. So I decided to look for part-time positions and places to volunteer with, naturally having heard great things about Help Musicians UK in the past and from using their recent MAD study in one of my essays I decided to send an email seeing if they had any volunteer opportunities. I must admit, I wasn’t expecting a reply let alone a fast one. So to my surprise I found a response in my inbox from Susie Butt inviting me to come in for a chat with the Creative Programme team who needed additional support in the office. After the meeting I accepted the opportunity to come into the office two days a week to assist Bex, Lucy and Claire.

Within my first few days in the office I was welcomed and instantly felt a part of the team. Being provided guidance and responsibility for tasks, I developed a sense of pride in the work I was contributing to whether it was research, helping to arrange panelists, or helping out at auditions. Those first days quickly turned into a few months, and though I’ve paused for a month long placement at Polydor Records I know when I return I will be happily welcomed back into the same environment.

Being a volunteer at Help Musicians UK has enabled me to continue my professional and personal development in a warm and welcoming environment with a very flexible schedule which fits perfectly around my studies and personal commitments. I know this same level of value, respect and appreciation is given to all volunteers at Help Musicians UK as Susie works hard to find opportunities that put everyone's skills to use no matter what role they are given.