A Short Essay on the Process of Making Our Debut Album
Emily Jacobs
One half of Emerging Excellence duo Labyrinth Ear
30th September 2014
A Short Essay on the Process of Making Our Debut Album

Starting a creative process such as making a song or a painting is easy for me, it’s finishing or knowing when to stop that’s the hard part. So when we started our album it was exciting and thrilling. Exploring new sounds, experimenting with new ideas, and capturing new thoughts, feelings and emotions in the music.

It took a lot of time and self discipline to hone in our ideas, combine them with fluidity and finish the tracks. The Orchid Room is our first album, creating it and finishing it was truly a challenging yet overwhelmingly positive and therapeutic experience. Writing a song, producing music or art of any kind is in and of itself truly liberating when it has no boundaries or deadline.

To have the free reign to explore what you are genuinely interested in, to take risks and to feel able to show vulnerability without fear, to know that this is yours, that’s what keeps you going, that’s what keeps you addicted to the process. Sometimes it feels like my only space or medium in which I can do whatever I desire and is the place where I feel the most free and real.

LE montageSome things I find hard about being a musician, one thing is the expectation to share oneself very publicly, expressing your thoughts and opinions, telling people about yourself and your background, and also to share images and footage of yourself out into the world. This has taken a lot of time to get used to as I am normally a fairly private and withdrawn person. At the start I would rebel against this expectation and argue that the music should speak for itself and stand alone, but the longer you create and share your music, you begin to learn that most people want to know more about you, they want some sort of context for the music, they are curious, they want to understand your work better and they feel that this would help them to understand the music on a deeper level. I can understand this, as I too am curious about the musicians that produce the music I love. 

Labyrinth Ear imageOur album’s sound was inspired by music from all around the world from pop to folk, as well as different film scores and sound. Our aim was to create music with a visual feel, something that captures an emotion and a poignancy and that allows a person to be completely absorbed in the moment. The range of film music that inspired and is woven into our album was quite varied from classic children’s film, to Film Noir and Bollywood. Although these are quite varied, all these film genres usually have a magic, atmospheric and fantasy element to the music.

We mainly try to capture the magical and the emotive elements from music that we love. Although our album is eclectic, fantasy inspired and cinematic, the lyrical subjects can range from the very real, to the historical, to the fantasy inspired.

I've put together a list of songs and some videos of music that has in some way inspired the album, I hope that you are able to connect to a song, discover something new and find something that you love from within the collection.

You can find Emily's selections below, and stream the deluxe version of The Orchid Room over on The Line Of Best Fit.

Labyrinth Ear received one our Emerging Excellence Awards in 2013. Check out our Emerging Musicians pages to find out more about the awards and funding we've got available for new artists.