Add to your creative toolkit with support from Help Musicians’ Transmission Fund
Barnaby Duff
Creative Programme Officer
30th April 2020
Add to your creative toolkit with support from Help Musicians’ Transmission Fund

Transmission Fund offers grants for short periods of development, including online courses, 1:1 coaching, conference attendance, songwriting academies and masterclasses. Having been adapted for a socially-distanced landscape, Help Musicians’ Creative Programme Officer Barnaby Duff explains how the Transmission Fund might be able to assist your career, even in lockdown.

What’s good about arts funding is that it’s self-directed. You’re not beholden to anyone else’s ideas – they’re all yours. Arts funding applications are an expression of what you need right now for the long-term health and sustainability of your career.

This unprecedented period of lockdown is different for everyone, and we appreciate not all musicians are ready to be creative and that not all downtime has to be productive. However, if you are already thinking about your next steps, Transmission Fund may be able to help you develop your craft, add another string to your bow, hone your practice or take on another dimension to your work altogether.

Grace Savage is a Help Musicians supported artist from our first wave of Transmission applicants, and she took a production software course with Point Blank Music School. Being an eminent beatboxer champion and singer-songwriter already, she wanted to own the whole music production process so that she could record herself and fulfil her vision of the sound she wanted.

“The Transmission Fund was a big turning point for me. It gave me the opportunity to take my artistry into my own hands by doing a beginners’ course in music production. The course provided me with the tools to be more independent and less reliant on others when it came to creating and owning my sound and more importantly, it gave me the confidence to know that with enough practice, I can produce my own tracks!”

Did you know that the Royal Northern College of Music is now offering its courses online? That there are virtual composition masterclasses out there with Hans Zimmer himself? That the busiest musicians in the business could be at home right now, ready to instil their insight and wisdom through 1:1 mentoring over video calls?

Transmission Fund is open until 11 May, see the latest guidelines for updates with relation to Covid-19 restrictions.