An easy, step-by-step guide to filling out a funding application
Barnaby Duff
Creative Programme Officer
18th November 2019
An easy, step-by-step guide to filling out a funding application

When you’re applying for funding with Help Musicians, we ask you three fundamental questions: your past (your bio), your present (your project) and your future (the impact of your project). These questions create a story, and it’s important to think about it in that way when writing or recording your video application.

Let’s go through each question.

1. Your bio

In order to assess what you’ve achieved so far, we’ll want to know about your background. This isn’t just a straight copy & paste of your press release: write it in first person, tell us about your proudest achievements so far (any radio plays, performances and releases) as well as the people and places that have shaped you as an artist.

2. Your project

Feel free to bullet point this one – but don’t skimp on the detail. Put it in chronological order, and tell us about the people involved, the dates and the rates.

It’s important to justify why you’ve chosen your collaborators – maybe they’re the best in their field, or they have a resonance with your local music community.

3. The impact of funding

Try to avoid clichés like ‘I want to take my career to the next level’ – really think about the tangible results you’d like to see from your project occurring.

Here’s a helpful exercise to think about below.

Imagine an artist you admire that’s not too far down the line from where you are right now.

Ask yourself:

What venues are they playing? What number listeners are they hitting? How do they reach their audiences online and through radio? etc.

Now work back from their stage to yours: how have they got there? What radio plugger are they using, who’s their sound engineer? What links do they have to these places and how can you imitate their journey to develop your own career?

There, easy. You’re all set to apply!

Here’s a few extra things to remember:

  • Use the word count!
  • Make sure your budget adds up: if you’re asking for £2000 for example, what you spend on your project should be £2000 too
  • Keep it simple and make sure your writing makes sense by getting a friend to read it
  • Ensure your online presence is up to date
  • Give your strongest and most recent music examples first!

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