Are you covered? 5 things you need to know about insuring yourself and your band
Steven Howell
Music Insurance Broker
14th July 2014
Are you covered? 5 things you need to know about insuring yourself and your band

1.     Equipment insurance is relatively cheap. It will replace your equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged and it's cheaper to insure all the bands kit under one policy


2.     Public Liability insurance protects the you from 3rd party claims if an audience member got hurt at your gig.  It also protects you if you accidently damage someone else’s property or equipment – at a venue or in a studio for example.  Venues and studios will have their own Public Liability policy but it won’t protect you if a claim is made against you.


3.     Travel and personal accident cover – this is essential if you play gigs abroad, especially in the USA.  If you get ill or have an accident abroad then the medical costs can quickly escalate – this cover will protect you.


4.     Tour cancellation – if you are worried about the cost of touring or losing your fees if you get ill or get stuck somewhere then tour cancellation insurance will protect you from losing our financially if something goes wrong with the tour.


5.     Employers liability – if you employ people in your band, like session musicians or permanent crew then you may need to protect them with Employers liability cover – this will pay out if they get hurt whilst working for you.


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