BIMM students host screening & music from cult classic Pulp Fiction
Alex Barton
BIMM student
27th April 2015
BIMM students host screening & music from cult classic Pulp Fiction

Do you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Paris?

Then we've got something you need to hear.

The Pulp Fiction Experience will be hosted on the 16th of May at the Courtyard Theatre, Old Street. The night includes a screening of the original 1994 film and afterwards a live band of BIMM music students who will play music from the film. Doors are at 6pm, entry is free and we will collect donations on behalf of Help Musicians UK. The event is also sponsored by our university, BIMM London based in Fulham. BIMM is a specialist music university and it is here we have amassed the event management skills to run this night.

Pulp Fiction

The night of classic cinema and music is set to be the final curtain call for our last academic year at BIMM London. The third year music business students, made up of people from all over the world, will work together one last time. In a way, this is what makes the event so special and we invite you to share this experience with us. Working in collaboration with Help Musicians UK for our final project makes the night all the more special.

Before I started my university course, I studied music performance. Whilst I thought I was going to be the next David Bowie, I soon discovered the way the music industry actually works.

Help Musicians UK gives so much support and help to young talented musicians. As a group of young music business students, this is why we chose Help Musicians UK as our charity. We see so many young talented musicians get lost in the sea of thousands of other artists and it’s fantastic to see an organisation giving this kind of support.

We hope to see a great turnout on the 16th and hope you are able to come and join us. One of the best films ever made and fantastic local musical talent! 

The Pulp Fiction Experience
Satruday 16 May, 6pm
Courtyard Theatre, Old street 

For more information visit the Facebook and Tumblr event pages.