How Help Musicians UK continues to support musicians’ mental health
Christine Brown
Director of External Affairs & NI
8th May 2017
How Help Musicians UK continues to support musicians’ mental health

Since 1921, Help Musicians UK, the leading independent music charity, provides help, support and opportunities to empower musicians at all stages of their lives.

During 2016, Help Musicians UK’s Health and Welfare team experienced a 22% increase in requests for help from musicians across the UK, and in total last year, spent £1.9 million helping these musicians through direct and indirect financial support. They have a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, which enables the charity to reach more musicians than ever before; providing a home visiting service for those that might be going through hardship, or who are isolated, is just one example.

Each year, Mental Health Awareness Week is an important time for the industry to stand up, listen and talk openly about mental health. Help Musicians UK is facilitating these critical conversations and empowering musicians to speak openly about their emotional and mental wellbeing, and encouraging a safe space for others; a critical role in reducing the stigma.

The charity is committed to building upon the work of their mental health campaign, launched in 2016, and continues to have meaningful and important conversations on the working conditions of the music industry, whilst recognising there is no one-size-fits-all approach or solution to such a complex subject.

In 2017, the charity will build on the success of its campaign, beginning with a phased service, shaped and defined by musicians and those working in music.This service aims to provide focused support, advice, education and where possible, improved access and signposting to existing mental health services.

Help Musicians UK is dedicated to finding new ways to increase the positive impact they can make in the lives of musicians. A musician’s journey to recovery isn’t always black and white. For some, not everything has a full resolution. Some musicians go on to make full recoveries, but for others it’s an ongoing journey and Help Musicians UK is here to support them, encourage them, connect them with advice and resources and walk alongside them on this path.

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We are here to help musicians at all stages of their career, across all genres. Call our Health and Welfare team on 0207 239 9101 or email [email protected]