How to build a strong case for PR costs in your funding application
Barnaby Duff
Creative Programme Officer
18th November 2020
How to build a strong case for PR costs in your funding application

During 2020, musicians have begun rethink how they connect with their fans in the digital space and how they can elevate their brand online. While the opportunities presented are vast, we know they can also be overwhelming, time consuming and complicated to navigate. 

For many musicians, outsourcing PR pushes and employing the marketing skills of others can not only expand their fanbase, but also gives them the space they need to create more music.  

At Help Musicians, we recognise how vital this part of a musician’s business plan has become, so we removed the previous 50% cap on marketing & PR spend in Do It Differently and MOBO Help Musicians Fund applications, ensuring that we can support musicians to make the most of the digital market in the current climate. 

But how do you budget for marketing and PR? There is a balance to be struck when it comes to having the right amount of ‘PR push’ within your campaign, and  explaining how you will apply PR is crucial to a successful funding application. 

Below is a 3-point guide for artists wanting to apply to the Do It Differently or the MOBO Help Musicians Fund. 

1)     A cost breakdown 

Breaking down costs is advisable across your application answers and budget, not just for PR, but PR is perhaps the most significant area where clarity is needed. 

We all know the huge positive impact that a good PR campaign can bring, but what we need to see is the specific tangible results you stand to reap. Show us that you’ve really thought this aspect of the project through and you have a detailed understanding of the work that will be done on your behalf if you’re working with external collaborators. 

2)     Justify the expenditure 

Are you getting bang for your buck? If you’re going for an agency, make sure you do your research and shop around for quotes. Who have they worked with before? What have they done for other artists? Can they guarantee the same time, effort and influence for you? Do you feel they believe in you and your project? All these assurances must be well-relayed in your application. 

3)     Tell us why now is the right time 

Those reviewing your application will be looking for a balanced budget and a sense of where you are in your careerWe will need to know what level of PR support you require and why now is it the right time to reach out with the help of professional. Show us why this is the best use of funding by illustrating your stage and momentum so far. 

Remember, the strongest applications will show you as an independent self-marketer/director/artist, as well as how the collaborators you choose to bring on will take you to the next level.