Kayla Painter talks Future Bubblers and funding applications
Kayla Painter
9th August 2018
Kayla Painter talks Future Bubblers and funding applications

“Hearing more about what Help Musicians UK do, and being aware of them makes me feel like there is somebody out there to turn to when I need extra support or guidance when things get tough in the industry. As a solo musician I think this is super important, and a great resource!”

Help Musicians UK has just announced which artists will benefit from a continued partnership with Future Bubblers. Future Bubblers is a musical talent mentoring programme and the brainchild of BBC Radio 6 DJ, Gilles Peterson through his record label, Brownswood.

Kayla Painter is  a current year 3 Future Bubbler who has recently received support through Help Musicians UK with a £1,000 alumni bursary toward her professional development. Kayla took the time to tell us about how she’ll use her bursary, her experience on the Future Bubblers scheme and advice on applying for funding programmes.


Tell us about your story so far…

I have been electronic music for about 5 years, I have self-released and released on labels. I've been lucky enough to play some amazing shows and work with other artists.

Before that I was in a band playing bass guitar, and prior to that I played saxophone in jazz band and orchestra (at school). 


What is your music style?

I work in left-field experimental electronic music. I'm inspired by Aphex Twin, Autechre, Burial, Holly Herndon, Katie Gately, to name a few! 

I write more abstract sounding electronic music, sometimes it’s more dance-orientated, sometimes it’s more like a sound collage. 


How long have you had a passion for music?

I've been passionate about music from an early age. I think that comes from my upbringing, but also it just feels like something that's just part of me.  

I think about 'not doing music' but then I'm not sure what I would do, it's just sort of there, I think I can't not do it, if you see what I mean! 


What’s your experience been like with Future Bubblers and Help Musicians UK?

I've been working with the Future Bubblers since October 2017, who has provided me with a fantastic network for support. 

There have been some amazing opportunities, for example visiting Ableton HQ in London and having a one-to-one session with an Ableton trainer. The Future Bubblers team have been so supportive, from the guys that run it, right through to the other musicians on the scheme. The music industry is very difficult to survive in, and hard to feel positive in sometimes, but the support I've had from the Future Bubblers family has been invaluable to me!

The introduction to Help Musicians UK through Future Bubblers has been important too. Hearing more about what Help Musicians UK do, and being aware of them makes me feel like there is somebody out there to turn to when I need extra support or guidance when things get tough in the industry. As a solo musician I think this is super important, and a great resource! 


Tell us more about your development and your bursary…

The bursary is going to be used to develop my live Audio-Visual show. The show I currently gig has been to many exciting stages (Glastonbury Glade Stage for example!) but it's time to develop the show. I want to explore forward-thinking performance and continue to look at tackling the issues with performing with a laptop by researching and developing my live AV show.  

The bursary is being used to buy some equipment, but more importantly to hire a space to try out some ideas. I am also using the bursary to hire other artists to get their input and ideas to help me develop a really unique show.


What does the future hold?

I've got a single Keep Under Wraps which came out on 20 July; it’s exciting as it's my first public release where I've taken a slightly different direction to my usual material. I also got the chance to perform my live AV show at the Pickle Factory in London on Wednesday 25 July alongside the other Future Bubblers. 

Following on from that I'm recording a track in the Brownswood Basement Sessions which will be on YouTube – I’m using this as a chance to expose some of my processing/compositional techniques – live!


What are your top tips for applying for funding?

I think the best thing to do is thoroughly read the application guidance notes, writing down questions as you go. Then look through the application form to see if any of your questions are answered within the application. Then, if you are still left unsure, I have found contacting the funding bodies themselves to ask questions is useful. When I've asked for help understanding application forms I've found people to respond really helpfully.  

It sounds obvious but reading through everything with a fine toothcomb can help you so much!


Kayla Painter’s new single ‘Keep Under Wraps’ is available now to listen and purchase here.

HMUK is proud to offer Future Bubblers alumni further support in their careers. Applications for the Year 4 Future Bubblers Scheme are open until 24 August. This year’s focus city is Manchester, but applications from all over the UK are welcome. Click here to apply now.