Music Business School Alumni Share Their Experiences
Tigerlily Raphael
Creative Programme Assistant
13th July 2017
Music Business School Alumni Share Their Experiences

Zoe Ellen-Bryant

1/ What did you think of the location?

Exciting and central, it was great chance to hang out regularly at the heart of London's music industry and there’s a great café too!

2/ What did you think of the course content?

It was varied, so it was a great overview of the music industry, not just for artists, but also for those interested in publishing, record labels, music law, digital distribution etc.

3/ How about the lectures?

They were really friendly and laid back, with regular breaks, and always an opportunity to ask questions and clarify.

4/ What did you make of the guest speakers?

A really good mix of speakers from different parts of the industry, including publisher/label representatives, lawyers, as well as an insight into newer aspects of the music industry, such as digital distribution.

5/ Were there many good networking opportunities?

We got invitations to Tileyard's Notting Hill events, plus email addresses for every visiting guest speaker, plus I was able to get some direct legal advice (for a music supervision project I was working on) during the course.


Jonathan Esseku

I attended the Music Business School from February to May 2017 to undertake the MMBE course.

I’m so pleased I chose this school as I found the course to be informative, friendly and invaluable with the added bonus of guest speakers who are all currently in the music business, with a vast amount of knowledge and experience as contacts.

In the space of just 13 weeks, I was impressed with the amount of information we covered and the structure, which enabled me to grasp the course well.

I’m now starting a record label called Red Carpet Records and can honestly say the MMBE course has provided me with the information, skills and confidence to realise my dream of success in the music industry.

Thank you so much MBS!


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