Music, Movies and Drama Week At Park House Hotel
Jane Simpson
18th December 2014
Music, Movies and Drama Week At Park House Hotel

Roger Hing and I set off with joy in our hearts at the thought of returning to Park House Hotel after having last visited for the Music Week in July 2012. On our last visit we met a fantastic group of musicians and friends. This time we hoped to meet up with friends from the same group of musicians, which happily we did as soon as we arrived.

We literally raced down to the conservatory like a 'couple of youngsters', and there were the members of our group already chatting and gathered together, with Angela from Help Musicians UK. After all the packing, shopping and organising, it takes any one of us to get away on a holiday break, it was simply heaven
Rogerto have arrived. And to be sitting there in the conservatory,
which we always associate with the grand piano, the beautiful and exciting afternoons and evenings of  live music, and sharing afternoon tea eating wonderful homemade cakes.

The relaxed atmosphere here for us is very creative in everything we do; the care and affection gives us the precious space and freedom to move around more freely, the beautiful architecture and interiors are inspiring. After a day or two we were relaxed and cared for, and had a chance to look around and enjoy the breathtaking views of the land and countryside, the garden and the ancient trees. "Trees be company" as the poem expresses so beautifully in the Anthology of poetry for Common Ground.

Park HouseOn Thursday 17th September 2014, the weather was sparklingly hot and sunny, and we spent the whole of the afternoon sunbathing on the garden terrace, I swam a few lengths in the swimming pool and then, Roger and I warmed up in the sunshine in the late afternoon, and enjoyed the warm scent of the rosemary and herbs in the garden.

We seemed to spend hours listening to the bird song, watching all the different birds flying and swooping from the trees in the distance, up to the roof of Park House, and then back across the fields towards the woodland. We saw a newly born deer frolicking on the soft, bright velvet green grass in the field beyond the swimming pool, and then we watched it leap like a little lamb towards the trees on the horizon and disappear.

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We have always enjoyed cooking and eating well, so to meet up with everyone in the evening for dinner was wonderful; a chance to dress for the occasion and to socialise a little more. To enjoy the menu, the view of the garden, good conversation, the variety of the trees and the changing colours of the light in the distant fields. From warm sunset and burnished copper tones, to the mystery of dusk, twilight and nightfall.

So to finish, this morning Roger and I are in the Library listening to Gershwin’s World by Herbie Hancock, and I am trying to write something on the computer. This is our small routine we enjoy in the mornings on holiday, to read together, write, listen to excellent music and to gather our thoughts for the day.

A sincere thank you to everyone in the Park House team for making us feel, quite frankly, fantastic and very special.  We would like to share with you some wonderful photographs.

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