My summer at Sinaia
Francina Moll Salord
26th June 2017
My summer at Sinaia

Francina recieved a Career Development Bursary from Help Musicians UK in 2016. Read how she spent her award below.

I had the privilege to take part in master-classes with prestigious violin professor Remus Azoitei, an internationally acclaimed soloist and former professor of the Royal Academy in London, thanks to Help Musicians UK kindly giving me the opportunity to take part at the Summer Music Academy Sinaia in July 2016.

The 5 individual master-classes I had with Mr. Azoitei were very fruitful. We worked on a very challenging programme of music, which included works such as Béla Bartók´s Sonata for solo violin and Prokofiev´s Sonata number 1 for violin and piano Op. 80.The level of attention to detail and the high level of expectations from Mr. Azotei in his lessons allowed me to understand and perform my programme at more advanced musical and technical levels.

After attending the Summer Music Academy Sinaia, I had two successful recitals with the same programme. I truly believe that my programme was very well received as a result of my time at the academy.

I am very grateful to Help Musicians UK for the unique opportunity I had to work with one of the most gifted violinists and professors of the London conservatoires.

What is more, during the master-classes I worked on sound production at a higher level, using methods I had not been taught before, which was a revealing experience. I shall now be adding this knowledge on to my daily training. All sessions were a carefully planned learning curve towards my public performances which followed at Sinaia.

All the other musicians taking part at the Summer Music Academy Sinaia were very talented young professionals. I was able to play chamber music with them, as well as openly discussing each other’s´ performances and giving constructive feedback. Many of these talented participants are based in London and I have worked with them again in the past months. I believe that having had the valuable opportunity to meet and work with these musicians, who are at the same stage as me in their careers, has enabled me to create long-lasting professional relationships.

My time at the Summer Music Academy Sinaia had an incredibly positive impact in my playing. Not only was I able to enhance my performing experience, but also made important international connections with other musicians based in London, as well as learning from Mr. Azoitei, who is happy to continue teaching me whenever there is such possibility in London. I am certain that thanks to the support of Help Musicians UK I have definitely been able to take myself to a higher level of playing through the crucial months after graduating from the Royal College of Music.

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