#MyVoodooRibbon experiences
Brona McVittie
6th May 2016
#MyVoodooRibbon experiences

I recently quit my day job as a science communicator after many years working part-time to pay the bills while moonlighting as a musician by night around the pubs and clubs of London town. Music has always been a great passion of mine and I feel very privileged now to have more time to develop my musical career. The pressure is on!

I’m currently investing time and energy in producing music that I can pitch for sync licensing opportunities. I have a modest home-recording studio so am set up to produce my own music. Needless to say I was delighted to win a VR2 ribbon microphone in a recent competition run by Help Musicians UK. 

This year to help me develop my music production skills - and with a view to producing my debut solo album - I am releasing a track a month to my subscribers and supporters through the Bandcamp platform. I’ve used the VR2 to record my Track for April: The Long Now - an instrumental inspired by the weird and wonderful immortal creatures of our oceans: sea anemones, starfish and jellyfish. 

The title is borrowed from the phrase coined by Brian Eno. In his words “Now is never just a moment. The Long Now is the recognition that the precise moment you're in grows out of the past and is a seed for the future. The longer your sense of Now, the more past and future it includes.” This instrumental is the first in a collection of Songs without words that I plan to pitch to music sync agencies. Wish me luck!

When I’m not musicking I’m most often found playing with my corkbots, which is where I get my musical moniker: Queen of Corkbots. After my voice my main instrument is the Celtic harp so I tend to get asked to perform at weddings. Last week I used the VR2 for two wedding gigs with my new amp, an AER Domino 2A and it sounded brilliant. I’m really pleased with the VR2 performance so far - it’s a super natural sounding microphone - both in the studio and live. 

I’d like to reiterate a huge big thank you to the Help Musicians UK team for choosing me as the competition winner. It really has been a tremendous boost to my newfound career! 

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