Nutun tells us all about her experience volunteering for Help Musicians UK
Nutun Ahmed
12th September 2018
Nutun tells us all about her experience volunteering for Help Musicians UK

“I can say I thoroughly enjoyed singing with HMUK and supporting a fantastic cause.”

Nutun has volunteered her singing talents for us on multiple occasions – check out the blog below for more about her experiences volunteering for HMUK.

I belong to the Me-Time Pop Choir in Ealing. Last Christmas, our choir leader, who had worked with Help Musicians UK in the past, was asked if anyone from our choir would like to join HMUK to sing some carols in St Pancras Station and Trafalgar Square. She explained what a wonderful charity Help Musicians UK was and how it helped artists through hard times and crises.

Myself and a couple of others from our choir expressed an interest in joining HMUK for the Christmas carols. On the day of the first performance, I went to a rehearsal at the HMUK offices. I was a bit apprehensive singing with 'real musicians' but the people in the HMUK busking choir are a really lovely bunch and very welcoming. After approximately an hour's rehearsal, we got on the tube and went straight to Trafalgar Square.

Only myself and one other choir member were at the first session; I thought I would be nervous but actually it was a lot of fun and I felt a real buzz and sense of achievement to be standing in the very centre of London, singing carols and being photographed and filmed by passing tourists.

HMUK sang a couple more times during Christmas at St Pancras Station, I joined them and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So this year, when International Busking Day was announced and HMUK put the call out for singers, I jumped at the chance. Without any idea of what we would be singing or exactly when, I said yes!

Like last time, there was a short rehearsal the day before; this time I wasn't nervous as there were familiar faces in the room. We went through a varied selection of pop songs from Abba to Bob Marley, Lilly Allen to the Beatles. It was confirmed that we would meet lunchtime the next day in St Pancras Station at Elton John’s Piano. I had no idea of the final set until I got there, as I didn't go to the rehearsal at the HMUK offices before the busking event, but they were all songs that I had heard before. I jumped in with the sopranos and sang along, we had a fantastic pianist accompanying and Lucy who was our HMUK choir leader did a great job of directing us.

Our location was in front of the Eurostar queue and we kept many bemused passengers entertained. It was lovely to see little toddlers getting coins from their parents and putting money in the collection buckets. No one else from my choir had been able to make it to the busking event but I had mentioned to a friend who lives in Kings Cross that we would be singing and she popped down with her sister to watch, they ended up joining in with the last couple of songs. I went back to my friend’s for coffee and cake which was a lovely end to a fantastic afternoon.

Once again, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed singing with HMUK and supporting a fantastic cause. I am looking forward to joining them again for Christmas carolling.

If you're interested in volunteering for us, find out more about current opportunties here.