Plug'em celebrate 6 months
Emily Broomhead
British Tinnitus Association
21st March 2016
Plug'em celebrate 6 months

The Plug’em campaign has now been running six months and the support we have been given has been amazing. With new Ambassadors wanting to come on board all the time to help spread the word, we’ve gone from eight to over twenty in the past 3 months! Our social media following is increasing and views to the website are on the up, so we’re hopeful we are getting to the right people and raising vital awareness on the need to protect hearing in loud music environments.

We were delighted to receive the support of Mark Ronson, DJ, musician and music producer earlier in 2016. A famous face can do wonders for a cause, but we’re not purely looking for well-known faces, every Ambassador we have is a welcome addition to the campaign; indeed the more notice we can get in different genres the better. It’s been great to see the sharing of personal hearing issues being highlighted by the Plug’em Ambassadors, in order to help others understand the risks of damage from loud music and we are grateful to each and every one we have. 

PlugemOne of the main aims of Plug’em is to spread awareness of prevention of tinnitus to as many people as possible and to reduce the perception that wearing earplugs isn’t ‘cool’. The truth is that without it, you are risking damaging your hearing, so we really want to make people see that earplugs are necessary – and learning more about safe sound and protecting hearing is really important. We also are keen to make people aware that there are othe simple steps which can also help, including:

  • Standing away from the speakers
  • Taking regular breaks from the sound
  • And drinking water to keep hydrated

Awareness of tinnitus and the damage that can be done to hearing from exposure to overly loud music in clubs, gigs and at festivals, is really important. Nearly all younger people will go to a club or listen to music at loud levels, and we believe if we can educate about safe listening levels, and earplugs which can protect hearing when in live sound environments, can only be a good thing.

The Plug’em website gives details about the different sorts of earplugs available, what’s best to use in different situations, and also gives information about safe decibel (dB) levels and exposure time.  So if you attend loud concerts, or events or have friends/family who could be at risk from going to clubs, gigs or festivals, then please share our details and take a look at the following. On social media you can also help by following, liking and sharing and using #Plugem to show your support.

If you would like more information about the Plug’em campaign please contact [email protected], follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.