Postcards and Stories from our musicians - Part 2
Susie Butt
Volunteer & Engagement Officer
14th February 2017
Postcards and Stories from our musicians - Part 2

As part of our Valentine’s takeover day we are sharing our love for musicians by sharing stories on how we've helped musicians through a crisis or illness.

HMUK support professional musicians who have hit a crisis in their lives which can have a devastating effect on their career and families. We help with long-term or terminal illness and we help musicians in retirement and those needing special help as they grow older. Being a musician can be a wonderful profession, but it can also be a precarious way to earn a living. The lifestyle can be stressful, especially for freelancers. When things go wrong, life can quickly spiral out of control. We are here to stop that happening.

Here are some stories and quotes from the musicians we have recently supported through our Health and Welfare programme.

“I should have sent an enormous thank you before this as the support I received last year from Help Musicians was incredible.”

“I hope that's the last time I have to ask for help but it is wonderful knowing that there is such a supportive and efficient organisation out there looking after musicians needs when crisis hits!“

“I'm busy getting back into work now and finances are getting back on track too. This is thanks to your fund, as the financial recovery would have been a much longer journey had you not helped so swiftly.”

“I'm so unbelievably grateful to Help Musicians UK for their generosity in helping me financially for my loss of earnings last year.”

“So lovely to hear from you. You and your team at Help Musicians UK were an absolute godsend whilst I was recovering last year from endometrial cancer. The Grant you provided me with enabled me to concentrate on getting better rather than worrying about paying my bills. It also made me feel legitimate in my musicianship when my confidence was in the mud.”

We love our musicians. We have compiled a playlist for valentine's day, where you can listen to some of our artist’s music here 

If you’re a professional musician and need help, you can get help and advice or call to speak to us in confidence on 0207 239 9103, Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. Alternatively if you need help or know of someone who does, get in touch and keep spreading the word.

Most importantly, if you love music and want to help the people who make it, please support our work.