Postgraduate Awardees Pedro Silva and Ariel Lang, co-founders of MyLuthier, explain why they have chosen to give back to Help Musicians
Pedro Silva
Co-founder of MyLuthier
6th February 2020
Postgraduate Awardees Pedro Silva and Ariel Lang, co-founders of MyLuthier, explain why they have chosen to give back to Help Musicians

Pedro Silva shares the impact Help Musicians’ Postgraduate Award funding had on his and business partner Ariel Lang’s careers, and explains why they have chosen to donate through their company, MyLuthier.

Music has always been a huge part of mine and Ariel’s lives, so choosing to become professional musicians felt like a natural path for us.

I was brought up in Portugal and, as my passion for music grew, I was advised to come to the UK to study. My family encouraged me to apply to the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) which is where Ariel and I first met.

Having the opportunity to study at one of the best universities in the UK was an incredible experience. However, by my second year, life as a student had become increasingly difficult, with the rising costs of living and course fees. Fortunately, we found out from our tutors about the Help Musicians Postgraduate Awards and decided to apply.

After successful auditions, both Ariel and I received Postgraduate Award funding, which meant we could continue our studies without the financial burden and worry. I know that without this support, I certainly would not have been able to continue my studies and would not be where I am today.

During our time at the RAM, we were given the opportunity to play on antique string instruments of exceptional quality – some even valued at half a million pounds! Upon graduation, having become accustomed to playing such high-quality instruments, we set off in search of affordable, contemporary alternatives that would perform to the same standards. As you can imagine, this proved quite the challenge.

It was during this time that our business idea was born. Our vision was to provide an online platform for all musicians to buy exceptional contemporary string instruments at an accessible price.

After a lot of hard work and time spent traveling across Europe in search of the best contemporary makers, we achieved our goal. We launched our company, MyLuthier, in 2019 which offers musicians a selection of instruments from some of the best string makers of today. Everything we have in our showroom and online is selected based on sound, playability and craftsmanship. This means that all of our instruments are rigorously tested, and we approach them from a musician’s perspective.

We passionately believe every musician should be able to find an amazing instrument without getting into large amounts of debt. It’s hard enough for young musicians to become successful and with the prohibitive cost of most antique string instruments, it can become daunting, so we are extremely proud of what we have to offer.

We also believe it’s important to give back, especially to those who were there for us from the beginning. We have therefore chosen Help Musicians as MyLuthier’s first charity beneficiary. Having been supported by the charity and seeing the huge impact this has had on our careers, giving back to them feels like the natural fit. We have chosen to launch the initiative with a donation of £2,000 and look forward to working together to help more musicians get the support they need.

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