Stretch Trio – Antithesis
Andy French
Stretch Trio
19th December 2014
Stretch Trio – Antithesis

Our Debut album ‘Antithesis’ required more than just musical knowhow; the production process required some arts and crafts skills that had remained dormant since our primary school days…

With a 9am start at Peak Studios in Bradford, we were doe-eyed, cold and yawning. The ten-hour marathon of setting up and recording the target four tracks of the day seemed like an improbability. The first three hours of our valuable studio time was spent setting up and tuning the drums, a pie later, we were finally able to embark upon the daunting task of recording the two part technical epic, Solstice.

After several hours, and a growing pile of empty red bull cans, the task of completing our entire album was slipping away. Calvin later admitted to considering the possibility of releasing Solstice as a single. However by the end of the day three of our compositions had been fully tracked.

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Upon arrival of the studio on day two, we were feeling hyped and ready to record the remainder of our album, including the opening track, Cleopatra. Returning accustomed to the recording atmosphere, we were able to complete the rest of the album seamlessly, and returned to Leeds, much in need of a victory half pint.

Stretch TrioAfter extensive research into CD production we made the decision to go the DIY route by constructing the CD cases ourselves. The artwork and the design were ingeniously created by Poppy Palmer, to then be constructed from a single sheet of A3 Card. The initial 30 cases were delivered in time for our album launch gig, at the Hepworth in Wakefield, which was a great success.

Within the first week of sale, we had sold all of our physical CD’s, which led us to a long day of graft and craft, producing the second freshly baked batch. We soon established a production line, and were on a role. We were cutting, sticking, scalping and sculpting, till our fingers bled. By nightfall twenty more simple sheets of card had evolved into the finished product; six of which made the journey with us to the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award audition.

The audition was a fantastic experience at which we received an Stretch Trio Antithesisabundance of invaluable advice. To later find out that we had been successful in the audition was worthy of an entire pint!

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