Taking flamenco guitar playing to higher levels
Sam Moore
Flamenco Guitarist
17th December 2015
Taking flamenco guitar playing to higher levels

I am delighted to have recently been granted a Career Development Bursary from Help Musicians UK to facilitate my one-to-one tuition with the world-renowned flamenco guitarist Juan Martín for the next year.

As many of you may know, Juan Martín is one of the most eminent flamenco musicians in the world and has performed in many prestigious UK venues, including: the Wigmore Hall, the Barbican, and Kings Place. Additionally, Juan has worked alongside some of the most eminent musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries, including: Paco de Lucia and Miles Davis. Alongside this, Juan’s brilliant series of tutorial books have made flamenco education accessible to musicians across the globe. 

In July 2015 I had the privilege to work alongside Juan as his teaching assistant for the International Guitar Foundation’s Guitar Summit hosted at Kings Place (London). As a result of this positive encounter, Juan kindly offered to take me on as his one-to-one student: a unique educational opportunity! I have just competed my first inspirational lesson with Juan and I am currently hard at work in the practice room working on the material we’ve looked at. Not only are these lessons invaluable to my development as a flamenco musician, but are also helping with my preparations for a performance project: Poeta: Painting in Poetry and Sound. 

Poeta: Painting in Poetry and Sound is a unique three-part concert program that I, and the nationally acclaimed poet and author Dr Helen Mort, will be hosting in the Leeds Art Gallery in 2017. During each concert, Helen and I will perform an hour-long set of original music and poetry inspired by specific masterpieces in the Leeds Art Gallery’s collection and in doing so, bring together the thee artistic mediums: music, spoken word and art. During these concerts, the audience will relocate to different rooms in the Leeds Art Gallery so that each performance can take place in front of the specific masterwork that inspired it. As Juan Martín has a great deal of experience with interpreting painted works through the medium of flamenco, having been invited to do a similar concert at Picassos 90th birthday, and having subsequently released a number of albums with this specific theme in mind: Picasso Portraits and Painter in Sound (whose title inspired the name of this specific creative project), his tuition and advice will be invaluable.

Thank you to Juan and Helen Martín for agreeing to facilitate these amazing lessons and thank you to the dedicated team at Help Musicians UK who have made this financially possible.