Volunteering at HMUK
Dan Brown
5th December 2016
Volunteering at HMUK

I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland and I’d been in touch with Stu Bailie, a BBC broadcaster back home, about opportunities to get involved in the music scene during my stay in London. I was told about the Help Musicians UK London office and their long-standing, respected presence in the UK music scene, as well their plans to launch HMNI, their first regional initiative in Northern Ireland.

I’m a music journalist and I was keen to get involved with an initiative that was sure to be incredibly beneficial for our little scene back home. So, I got in contact with Volunteer Coordinator Susie who was quick to offer me the opportunity to get involved with the office ahead of the launch of HMNI.

To be so quickly welcomed into a professional office environment was equally incredible. In a short space of time I became familiarised with the charity, its reach and its values. Everyone I met from the London team was welcoming, and it was truly rewarding to connect with fellow creatives who share a common passion for music. The office is a very active environment, on a daily basis I worked with the team towards upcoming events and gained fresh experience of work in the music industry.

Almost all volunteering opportunities are rewarding, but to feel your experience and contribution is truly valued, and to make friends along the way, is what I feel makes getting involved with Help Musicians a unique experience.