Why I enjoy volunteering for HMUK
Robert Wright
Volunteer Visitor
6th June 2017
Why I enjoy volunteering for HMUK

My name is Robert Wright and I became involved with Help Musicians UK about 5 years ago through another charity called Elizabeth Finn Care.

Firstly, no two musicians are alike—just like their music. One thing they have in common, however, is the warm welcome they give me. 

Many wish to share tales of their former days in the music world and still show an active interest in playing their instruments now.  One time I was treated to a violin solo when visiting an elderly couple in the wilds of Norfolk.  It went down really well with my cuppa and cake.

Whether it is helping with a new bathroom, wanting a chat, or being in touch with what is going on in or outside the music world, there is never a dull moment.

On one occasion I saw a musician at a HMUK fundraising concert that was a thank you for the help they had received while they were unwell.  This was a poignant experience and the venue was packed to the gunnels.

Visiting musicians is an opportunity to chat, share and relate to personal experiences, and with a bit of humour the whole atmosphere can change. Whenever I can, I leave on a smile—ideally on their faces as well as mine.