Getting to Understand Musicians’ Hearing
Nigel Hamilton
Help and Advice Manager
31st March 2015

Help Musicians UK's Help and Advice Manager, Nigel Hamilton, opens up about his own experience with hearing loss, shares the facts about hearing damage and speaks about our new hearing survey.

Roger Fauske heads off on a trek across frozen Norway
Roger Fauske
Help Musicians UK Fundraiser
20th March 2015

MetalTalk columnist Roger Fauske heads off on a 100km trek on skis, between Finse and Geilo, raising money for Help Musicians UK in the process. Why would anyone in their right mind embark on such a thing?

Making Music in Bangalore
Emma Sweeney
Emerging Excellence Award 2015
10th March 2015

We were able to fund Emma Sweeney's trip to the world famous Subramaniam Academy to study and develop as an artist which will culminate in a new album when she returns to the UK. 

Take a look at her video diary to see how she's getting on.

Ask the questions that you have always wanted to ask – the good, the bad and the ugly
Incorporated Society of Musicians
6th March 2015

Find out more about ISM's Make Music Work on Tuesday 31 March. 

Drilling Down On Data – Your Future in Your Hands
Graham Ball
Senior Lecturer, MA Music Business Management, University of Westminster
2nd March 2015

Head of Music Tank's "Moneyballing Music", MA Music Management Lecturer Graham Ball looks at what data you should be monitering and why.