12 Artists Selected for Final Round of EAF

Help Musicians UK (HMUK) and PledgeMusic are delighted to announce that 12 acts have been selected for the final round of the Emerging Artists Fund (EAF) 2016/17 – doubling the investment from previous rounds.

Rory Butler, Poly-Math, The Little Unsaid, Sick Joy, Hello Operator, Samantha Whates, Jasper Wilde, Eliza Shaddad, Lucy Kitt, RAHH, Elsa Hewitt, and Night Flight were selected by a panel of industry experts and will receive top-up funding for their successful PledgeMusic campaigns.

The EAF, which has invested £125,000 in 42 artists since 2015, identifies and supports a diverse range of emerging artists who have the talent, fan base and ‘DIY’ drive to build a long-term career.

The panellists for Round 3 of the EAF 2016/17 included Steve Zapp (International Talent Booking), John Helps (Handmade Festival / Robot Needs Home), Zoe Warshaw (AWAL / Kobalt), Lisbee Stainton (The BEATS Board), Ally McCrae (Sentric Music / Two-Up), Zoe Ellen Bryant (Carbon Logic / Amazing Radio), Dennis Bovell (producer / Matumbi), Chris Sheehan (Karousel Music) and Fifi Rong (artist / previous EAF awardee)

To find out more about the latest round of successful artists and their PledgeMusic campaigns, simply click on the images below and keep an eye on HMUK’s Twitter.

Rory Butler
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The Little Unsaid
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Sick Joy
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Hello Operator
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Samantha Whates
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Jasper Wilde
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Eliza Shaddad
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Lucy Kitt
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Elsa Hewitt

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Night Flight
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The EAF is now closed for 2017. For information on future funding opportunities through our Creative Programme, click here


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