53 acts supported to progress their careers through Do it Differently Fund Round 3

Help Musicians recognises that while musicians are unable to perform, providing opportunities to create and develop can guide them make their next career move, help to form new avenues of income, and be vital to maintaining good mental health. Having run a third round of Do It Differently Fund in August, we are delighted to announce support of a further 53 acts who will receive music project funding, business advice and wellbeing support.

Many projects funded in this round of Do It Differently reflect on the challenging year they’ve had and have used their experiences as a source of inspiration. These include expanding a project fusing yoga and music together as means of maintaining mental and physical health; using technical music composition along with vector projection mapping to create a 3D immersive hologram projection showcasing the literal and emotional states of separation we have all experienced over the last year; and recording a four track EP inspired by the lightscapes in our natural world.

Awardee Adina Nelu said: “This award comes at a time when many musicians, myself included, have been questioning the relevance of their work at a time of crisis. Receiving this award now goes beyond just supporting the creation of new work — it comes as a confirmation that my work matters and is worth supporting after all. For an emerging musician such as myself, this will have made all the difference.”

Each Do it Differently awardee has shown a clear entrepreneurial approach to their work by adapting the promotional and marketing aspects of their projects to the current climate. The Do It Differently package of support offers business guidance to bolster this thinking, delivered by one-to-one by music industry business advisors, coordinated by ThinkMusic. Recipients will each receive a fully subsidised Pro Membership to Featured Artist Coalition, and the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine’s offer of online education tools will help support their health and wellbeing.

Applications are currently open for Round 4 of Do it Differently - click here for more information.

Looking for inspiration? See below for the full list of funded artists and their projects:

The Howlers - an alternative band from Hampshire, will be completing and releasing their first vinyl, while working on a new Covid adapted marketing strategy including the creation of music videos.

Adina Nelu - a Salford-based classical composer, will be addressing the quality of her creative output, by focusing on the creation and promotion of a female-centered vocal EP aimed at re-evaluating her inherited definition of a composer.

Snowy - a Grime MC from Nottingham, will be co-creating a joint EP with artist, Frost, following Nottingham’s own genre, Greeze.

Allegra - a jazz singer from Fylde, will use the Fund to release her next two singles.

DREUW – a folk singer-songwriter from Leeds, will be working on a E.P to be released in early 2021, working with a photographer and videographer to create artwork, promotional content and a documentary recording the experience.

Du Blonde – a London rock singer-songwriter, will be self-releasing an album comprised of 13 melodic garage rock songs that focus predominantly on the subjects of mental health and inhibition.

Carol Jarvis - a Oxfordshire trombonist, will work on a new album project, bringing together all aspects of her career; jazz, classical, pop and electronic elements.

Cat Myers – a Scotland-based drummer, will be honing her body of instrumental work into an album, writing and recording the majority in her home studio and the rest at Slateroom Studios with Garry Boyle.

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian – a Suffolk classical composer, will be mixing and mastering her debut classical album for release in Spring 2021 with NMC Recordings.

Chloe Foy – a folk songwriter from Cheltenham, will be creating a series of monthly livestream concerts in the Autumn/Winter of 2020 to engage audiences and build her fanbase ahead of her debut album release in 2021.

Liz Hanks – a Sheffield-based cellist, will be using explorative cello techniques, experimental recording techniques, field recordings and sound manipulation to compose, record and promote a solo cello album.

Eve Goodman - a Welsh folk singer, will be working on a new album project raising awareness about suicide and the grieving process, underpinned by a sense of hope and rising up again.

Frank Farrell - a Warwickshire-based music producer, will be reigniting an old project and working on his brand identity.

Dark Tropics – a pop-noir duo from Northern Ireland, will be creating high-quality video content for their third single along with PR services for both the video and single to maintain momentum without the aid of live performances.

Hannah Ashcroft - a Manchester indie/folk musician, will be recording a professionally filmed, studio quality live session to support the release of her single and run a professional PR campaign to engage with her fanbase.

Cherym – a feminist pop-punk trio from Derry, will hire a team of creatives and PR professionals to create a high-quality campaign to promote their new recordings in 2021 to combat their lost live performance promotion opportunities.

Hugh Sheehan – a Birmingham-based musician and composer, will be recording and releasing a debut album, a folk song cycle interspersed with audio from interviews conducted with Birmingham’s LGBTQ+ community.

Green Gardens a Leeds alternative 4-piece band, will release six singles individually along with music videos and merchandise.

T8PES – a MC from Staffordshire, will be further developing the T8PES sound and brand by experimenting sonically with other producers and artists.

Rookes - a London-based pop artist, will be completing, promoting and digitally distributing a new album #popnotpop

Jordan Nocturne – a Belfast-based music producer, will be releasing two EPs and developing additional marketing assets for these in the form of video and merchandise to maintain visibility and create an additional revenue stream.

Joseph Lawrenson – a London classical songwriter, composer and producer, will be creating a four track EP of song arrangements of modern classical music and film scores.

United Strings of Europe - a London-based strings collective, will be planning a live-hosted virtual launch event for its debut album ‘In Motion’ that combines exclusive archive footage with new material.

Katie Malco – a Northampton-based singer-songwriter, will be recording and releasing a solo stripped-down version of all tracks from her debut album ‘Failures’.

Kayla Painter – an electronic composer, producer and sound design artist from Bristol, will be producing a new EP to be released in March 2021 digitally and on vinyl.

LOELASH – a London producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ, will be producing, recording, arranging and mixing his debut album “Fantasia”.

Loux – a London-based MC, will be creating and marketing an upcoming album, which will be paired with a short film to be broken down into music videos.

GEISTE – a London electronic music artist, will be working on her second EP, “Retrogrades”, which forms part of a wider story, called “Aquarium”.

The Vegan Leather - a Scottish four-piece pop band, will be recording 2 singles which culminate in a 4-track EP available on 7” vinyl.

Martha Skye Murphy - an experimental London singer-songwriter, will be self-releasing an EP project, “Yours Truly”, a concept EP exploring the idea of “a children’s book for adults”.

Matt Deighton – a Welsh folk musician, will be curating a digital campaign to release a new album and five 'lost' albums around the transmission of a documentary about his career to date.

FRAMEWORKS - a North West hip-hop producer, will be recording and releasing his fourth studio album.

Novar FLIP - a London-based hip-hop artist, will be undergoing a music and merchandise project called ‘Social Justice Warrior’ that flips the term SJW to a positive statement about taking pride in advocating social justice.

MOHAN - a South West alternative singer-songwriter, will be completing his EP and get the tracks fully recorded, mixed and mastered to industry standard.

Nadeem Din-Gabisi & The Swim Team – an Alternative Hip-Hop trio from London, will be promoting, creating visuals and releasing a new album project.

Natalie McCool – a pop singer-songwriter from Liverpool, will be mastering, marketing and promoting her third album.

Askies - a rock four-piece from Leeds, will be recording and releasing their debut EP.

Me and My Friends - a five-piece Afro/folk/pop band from Bristol, will be undergoing a new album project, incorporating collaborative writing, recording, production, promotion and release.

Polar States - a four-piece guitar band from Liverpool, will be recording an in-studio EP and creating an online marketing campaign.

RIS - an East London pop artist, will be completing the final two tracks of their debut EP, including mixing and mastering 4 pieces of artwork, creating a music video and an online PR campaign.

Yumi And The Weather - an Indie/Pop singer-songwriter from the South East, will be releasing a collection of songs alongside a strong and engaging media campaign.

Polyhymns – an experimental folk and electronica trio from Sheffield, will be creating a new mix of an existing recording and creating a PR campaign to further national radio play, increase exposure and build their following.

Sarah MacNeil – a contemporary/classical/folk harpist from Scotland, will be creating, recording and releasing a four track EP composed for harp, electronics and a twenty-two piece string orchestra, inspired by lightscapes in our natural world.

Junk Drawer - a Belfast indie-rock four piece, will be creating a music video for their new single, to be released in March 2020, with a sustained online and print press campaign.

Free Love – an electronic two-piece from Glasgow, will be expanding their artist-led project, which started during lockdown, incorporating yoga and music together as means of maintaining mental and physical health in a world with no live music.

Make Friends – a four-piece pop band from Somerset, will be recording a new single with Grammy-award winning producer Jim Lowe, followed by a nation-wide PR and radio marketing campaign.

Grand Pavilion/ Folidu - a London electronic music producer, will be completing his upcoming conceptual EP ‘States of Seperation’, focusing on the literal and emotional states of separation we have all experienced over the last year.

Tom Spirals - a Reggae MC from Scotland, will be producing, promoting and pressing 300 designed physical records of his new Scottish traditional Dub hybrid LP.

Denuo - an alternative rock band from Conwy, will be producing 250 vinyl records for a recently completed album and commission an artist to design merchandise to coincide with the music release.

Fast Trains – a South East alternative-pop songwriter and producer, will be releasing a four-track EP exclusively to YouTube over a 6-month period, with a targeted social media campaign to reach and build on existing audiences.

Alcyona Mick &Tori Freestone - a London Jazz duo, will be exploring online and socially distanced methods of creation, rehearsal, recording, mixing/mastering and promotion of their new album 'WHO WE ARE NOW'.

Starry Skies - an alternative band from Scotland, will be promoting the title track of their new album 'Do It With Love' through video, social media and pr/marketing activity.

King No-One - an alt-pop trio from Manchester, will be creating a four track EP to be recorded and self-released in early 2021.

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