70 music creators supported by Help Musicians to move their careers forward


As musicians continue to adapt in the face of Covid restrictions, we are pleased to announce 25 music creators supported to embark on skills-building opportunities, and a further 45 promising artists who will execute exciting musical projects with the support of the charity’s Transmission Fund and Do it Differently Fund respectively.

Help Musicians has been supporting the musicians behind the music for 100 years, and in response to the challenges of 2020, we adapted elements of our Creative Programme to help musicians sustain creativity where possible in a digital world.

Skills-building opportunities, granted through the Transmission Fund, range from online courses around the fundamentals of Jazz music theory; to vocal coaching from a Berklee College of Music graduate; learning how to use computer software ‘Logic Pro’; and attending a 5-day female led residency to learn new skills in composition.

This learning opportunity for awardee Ina Wieczoreka supports a transitional period of her career as she returns to music after some time off. She said: “I am utterly grateful for this grant, for the trust in and the value of my creative development, and for the support of my ambition to bring something very special as a Duduk player to our creative communities and audiences.”

Applications are currently open for Transmission Fund’s skills-building support - click here for more information.

Full list of artists receiving skills-building support:

Another 41 promising artists, awarded through Do It Differently Fund, will execute exciting musical projects, receiving business guidance to bolster their approach during the current challenging climate, a fully subsidised Pro Membership to Featured Artist Coalition, and the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine’s offer of online education tools to help support their health and wellbeing.

Projects range from curating a biopic EP which musically depicts a journey to becoming a woman throughout cancer, healing and motherhood; launching a new record label focusing on a new wave of rap/crud/drill production emerging from London; creating music to reflect the effects of the conservative government and mental health issues due to the Covid pandemic from a Midlands perspective; and continuing a project funded by the Arts Council England to compose new work and therefore generating sustainable work for the future.

Awardee AK Patterson said: “Receiving this award has been hugely empowering! It has provided me with a physical space to write music in, when previously I felt trapped and uninspired. It has fueled me with ambition and the resources to continue to strive for my goals, despite the difficulties I face as an artist and musician working during a pandemic.”

Full list of artists embarking on exciting musical projects:

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