Ambassador Lesley Garrett CBE to record Radio 4 Appeal

Today opera singer Lesley Garrett CBE will be recording our appeal for Radio 4 which will be aired in May.

We were able to help Lesley at the beginning of her career:

Lesley Garrett CBE“Help Musicians UK supported me early in my career through six months of really serious illness. Very gradually with their help I fought my way back to good health and I’ve never forgotten that. I simply wouldn’t have the career I’m enjoying now without them. Help Musicians UK does a fantastic job for thousands of musicians every year. If you love music, then please help musicians.”

We’re excited to be one of the 49 charities chosen in this appeal which has been raising money for charities since 1927.

There’s no greater time for this appeal as the outlook for musicians in the UK becomes increasingly challenging. Public funding for the arts has been slashed with more cuts likely to come. In a recent survey of 2,000 professional musicians, more than half earned less than £20,000 a year with only 35% in a position to pay towards a pension. Freelance lifestyle and the need to consistently perform at the highest level can take its toll emotionally and physically with most musicians having nothing to fall back on when injury or illness strike. That’s why we’re needed more than ever.

You can hear the appeal at 7:55 am and 21:26 pm on 10 May or at 15:27 pm on 14 May. We hope you will tune in and please tell your friends.

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