Bryan Adams visits Help Musicians UK

Bryan AdamsThe Bryan Adams Foundation has been donating to Help Musicians UK since 2012 and so Bryan Adams decided to pay a visit to our HQ in Kings Cross to meet the team, find about more about our work and meet some of the musicians we have helped.

He set up the Bryan Adams Foundation in 2006 and it supports a number of international projects and charities close to his heart. Help Musicians UK is proud and grateful to be one of them.  

As well as meeting Executive Director, David Sulkin and team, Bryan met guitarist Tim Raynor, who came to us in 2011 after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We helped Tim when he was unable to work for two years whilst he underwent treatment and recovery

We’re pleased to say that he is now in remission, recording and releasing new material and has recently become a father.

Daughters of DavisHe also met acoustic soul/folk duo, Daughters of Davis (sisters Adrienne & Fern Davis) who we are helping through our Talent Programme. We supported them in 2013 to help fund their album ‘To The Water’. They’re currently playing their way round the UK & Europe in their new Elddis Tourvan, and just finished tours with both The Eels and Rececca Ferguson.

A huge thank you to the Bryan Adams Foundation for their continuing support and to Bryan for making time to visit us ahead of his tour which kicks off in Minneapolis on 19 October.

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The Bryan Adams Foundation support us through our Love Music: Help Musicians scheme. To find out more about becoming a member yourself, visit our Regular Giving page. 


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