Eight research and development projects supported by Fusion Fund

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From left to right: Michael Betteridge, Bibi Heal, Robin Mason, Fiona Soe Paing.

Help Musicians will be supporting eight more acts to embark on cross-disciplinary research and development opportunities in the second round of Fusion Fund for 2019.

Projects funded in this round involve musicians collaborating with dancers, poets, visual artists, sound artists, theatre companies and more throughout a period dedicated to research and development.

The Fusion Fund offers £2,000 – £5,000 for professional musicians to experiment, develop and test new work through collaborating with other artists of a non-musical discipline.

Michael Betteridge, who will be developing new music-theatre work that fuses elements of opera with dance, said: "Substantial funding for R&D projects is often challenging to obtain, especially when you're looking to really experiment as an artist. This funding from Help Musicians will allow myself to collaborate with artists from Iceland to develop a new Anglo-Icelandic music-theatre piece after the success of our last opera #echochamber, However, this time we will have the opportunity to work alongside dancers and a choreographer to push our practice and develop interdisciplinary work."

Fiona Soe Paing, who will be collaborating with a filmmaker and an experimental theatre company to create new work, said: “The support from Help Musicians’ Fusion Fund will be an amazing opportunity for me to develop a project I have been mulling over for ages but didn't have the resources or support to develop beyond the dreaming stage - the Fusion Fund award will mean that I can now make it happen.”

The full list of artists funded this round includes Michael Betteridge, Bibi Heal, Robin Mason, Rosie Middleton, Mandeep Singh, Fiona Soe Paing, Copper Sounds and Delia Stevens.

Do you have a research and development idea that involves collaborating with other non-musical art forms? The final round of Fusion Fund this year closes September 2. If you are thinking about applying, get in touch with our Creative team to talk through your idea or watch some our supported Fusion artists speak about their projects.

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