Gold selling Eric Paslay shows his support for HMUK

International country singer and songwriter, Eric Paslay is generously donating a portion of his merchandise sales from his upcoming UK tour to Help Musicians UK (HMUK).

Eric has just arrived in the UK ahead of his European tour which kicks off in London October 26 at Borderline, before playing Bush Hall later in the week.  

To show his support to the work the charity does for the UK music industry, Eric popped into our London office to meet the team, take some photos and sign some autographs. 

We sat down with Eric to ask him why he chose to donate to HMUK.

Why did you choose to support Help Musicians UK?

“I heard about you [Help Musicians UK] when we were up in Glasgow…hearing about it led to us deciding to give some of the merchandise sales to you because I believe in what you do. I think music can do so much more than just be heard, it empowers people, but it can also take a toll on the musicians. The toll could be financially or mentally so it’s great to know you are there supporting them.”

What is it about the charity’s work that is important to you?

“Helping people, and there are a lot of people that need help! In any career there are ups and downs and when there are roads you’ve never walked down before, you need someone to take your hand or at least walk beside you…I think we all need help. We all need someone who at least has experience or has seen similar stories played out to give you good advice on what you should do in any situation you’re in. I think it’s great that you do that for musicians.”

After his shows in London, Eric will head to Germany before coming back to the UK and to continue his tour in Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow.

For more information on Eric’s UK tour, head to Eric Paslay at HMUK 1

Eric Paslay at HMUK 2

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