Great News: Our Music Student Health Scheme is fit as a fiddle!

We recently put together a report showing the growth of our Music Student Health Scheme, with a record number of students being helped in 2013. It really is fantastic news, but we can't wait to reach out further.

The Music Student Health Scheme was established in 2006, and provides financial support for specialist medical treatment. It’s open to those studying courses at degree-level or equivalent, where performance takes up at least 50% of the overall qualification.

Our report shows an increase in applications for 2013, which translates to a higher number of healthy and active music students, and lots more studies put back on track. We know there are more students out there though – and confident 2014 is the year we’ll reach them!

Though voice, guitar and piano do prove the most common, the report has shown that students requesting treatment play and study a real variety of instruments. And since treatment is tailored to the individual, the benefit of coming to us is the guarantee you’ll be referred to someone who understands and respects your specific requirements. We deal with problems that can't be dealt with by the NHS, so you can rely on us to help when they're unable.

We are still working very closely with BAPAM, who provide free health assessments and refer you to the correct specialist for treatment – at which point we step in and cover the costs. The whole process is entirely confidential, and if a health problem is affecting your performance, you can come to us in complete confidence.

The recent report also highlighted that students right across the UK are using the scheme. Music colleges or universities don’t have to be signed up, or have any previous links to Help Musicians UK – it’s simply down to the individual and their personal needs.

Most students that come to us have muscle or joint problems, and the report shows that the bulk of our support goes on specialist physiotherapy. But problems are by no means exclusive to this; we deal with a whole range of issues and you shouldn’t be afraid to approach us with problems big or small. If it’s affecting your ability to play, we’re here to help.

This recent report has been really encouraging, and we look forward to helping more students in 2014 than ever before. So stay healthy, keep playing, and definitely spread the word!

You can find out more information about the Music Student Health Scheme here, including specific information on our eligibility guidelines and details on how to apply.

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