Help Musicians UK response on the passing of Chester Bennington

We wish to express our sincere condolences to Chester Bennington's family, friends and the wider music community on the announcement of his death.

While we cannot comment on the circumstances surrounding his untimely passing, his death highlights the pressures of being a musician—as he has previously spoken about his battles with drug and alcohol abuse.

With over 70 million albums sold, Linkin Park’s music inspired a generation.

Mental wellbeing is just one of the challenges musicians face in their careers. It is a complex issue, often impacted by co-existing factors in welfare, relationships, physical health, employment and financial challenges.

Dealing with mental health in isolation is not always the most effective response. We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach or solution to such a complex subject and it is important that we focus on creating frameworks that will enable musicians to access safe, qualified, clinical expertise.

A final report and recommendations, including recent qualitative research, is soon to be released by HMUK as part of the charity’s Music and Depression campaign. This will be used as a platform to identify and focus our resources in the most appropriate places to support musicians who experience mental health related issues.

As the UK’s leading independent charity for musicians, we will continue to work with clinical partners and qualified experts, such as BAPAM and the wider mental health community, to provide education and access to the most appropriate services.


Richard Robinson
Chief Executive
Help Musicians UK

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