HMNI Announce ‘The Business of Music’ With BIMM & CMU

Help Musicians NI has partnered with Phil Nelson (BIMM) and Chris Cooke (CMU) to bring The Business of Music to Northern Ireland this May: a series of seminars for people who teach, advise and support early-career artists and future music industry talent, as well as the artists themselves.

The Business Of Music is a series of seminars outlining how musicians can build a business and a career around their music. It explains how artists need to kickstart their own businesses and careers, introduces the people and companies they will work with along the way, and explores the challenges to be met and opportunities to be realised in both the global and the local music community. 

The course is aimed at those teaching, advising and supporting early-career musicians and future music industry talent, as well as anyone who is at the start of their own music career, on stage or behind the scenes.

The Business of Music will be held in The Mac, Belfast, and will be completely free with limited seating so seat reservation is necessary. If you are interested in joining us, or would like to view a description of the topics that will be covered, follow this link:

Phil Nelson, Head of Music Business at BIMM, had this to say;

“Over the last year, conversations with HMUK and HMNI have shown that we have a lot in common; most relevantly we both believe in helping music flourish outside of London, and we both believe in breaking down the barriers to entry into the Music Industry. It may not be the most logical of industries, but the Music Business is not the “dark art” that some make it out to be!

To this end we’ve put together a series of seminars to simplify the industry, and thanks to our good friends at HMNI, Belfast is where we’re running our pilot. Come along, it’s free!”


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